Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

Its been an exciting month

So many things happened!

A mere hour before the wedding is scheduled to begin, Calaila finds me in a hallway to deliver somewhat distressing news. The Septon from Snakewood is not coming to officiate the wedding. Our maester, Thad, will be impersonating a Septon and Calaila wants me to be aware of the ruse. She claims the disguise is very good so I approve. BUT! If this goes poorly, I had nothing to do with it.

The wedding begins as Jayne enters the great hall wearing a blue and green cloak in the colors of House Oakheart. Ser Wilber removes her cloak as she approaches the front of the hall. The Maester appears to make a convincing Septon. Aside from the glaring lack of references to the Seven, the service proceeds smoothly without issue! They are married!

Dolins performs a catchy tune to get the party going. The reception is quite fun, and caps off with the bedding ceremony at the end of the night.

A few days after the wedding, I catch up with the Maester to ask if he’d… I mean she’d… ugh whatever. I’m still calling him a him… If HE’D like to get in on the silver mine investment. It’s been quite hectic since our return to Snownook and I recall he was interested in the investment. Also, the more people who have a stake in this, the easier it will be to convince them to return to House Crakehall. He agrees to chip in 50 gold dragons, to be returned 150 gold dragons when we receive payment.

A month or so later, a party from House Linderly arrives at Castle Snownook. As the Heir of House Jaspner, I am called to meet with the party. After hearing from Ser Darron about the pending war, this could be a very serious conversation. Because of this, I’m surprised to see Dolins, Darron and Jardon in the room.

Yoren Lynderly is here to resolve an issue with House Thorne. Carson is claiming full ownership of a tin mine that is supposedly on Lynderly lands. Yoren wants 70% share in the profits of the mine. Jana Lynderly claims to have snuck into the mine and mapped it, proving the mine extends into Lynderly territory. This isn’t what I expected, but this could probably start a war, too.

You know what? I don’t have to convince that chump Yoren of anything. I just need to persuade my father to mediate in our favor! Using my most stately and confident expression, I persuade Lord Ronnel to grant all land above the mine to House Jasper as punishment to House Lynderly for their admitted acts of espionage and subterfuge. Ha! Take that Lynderlys!

After the Lynderly party angrily departs, my dear mother Lady Alys speaks up that she fears Yoren Lynderly will return will an army. She suggests that we sail to Woodhull to make peace between them and House Elisham. We cannot expect the Pryors to support us, since we haven’t brought Perin’s killer to justice. I’m holding out hope that Rusty will pull through and send us Terry’s head.

We formulate our plan to sail to the Paps to court the Woodhulls and the Elishams. Its not so much a courting as will be a peacemaking mission to settle their feud and bring all their martial force to defend Snownook.

At the same time we are sending Raella by land to House Corbray at Heart’s Home with a letter to asking them for support. At the tournament we hosted, the Corbrays were disrespectful guests and they didn’t leave on the best terms. I’ll have to write the letter to make it clear we aren’t desperate for their help. That certainly wouldn’t be a good look for House Jasper. Also I suspect Raella will be intercepted. It is best that I arm her with a false letter in case the Lynderlys search her.


I always love a glimpse inside Teddy’s brain!

Its been an exciting month
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