Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

It's the climb!

there's always gonna be another mountain...

Heeding the advice of the man in the tunnels, we hurry back to where we found the man, and turn left to find a room with 300 urns of Wildfyre. Our cunning maester correlates this with the note Dolins found, identifying that we may be underneath the Dragon Pits…which made us wonder where the rest of the wildfyre had gone in the first location we found.

We leave the tunnels near the dragon pits, and bicker for a bit about a plan and how to escape the city safely. We step out into into the sunlight, and into the immense structure, and head northeast towards the nearest exit, to the dragon gate. I, still crippled by the fear of running into Tontos again, pull my scarf over my head, and we decide to slowly climb down the Hill of Raenys, and book it towards the gate. When we reach the ground, I can't help but notice a sense of nervousness in the crowded streets. We blend into the hustle and bustle, but find that the Dragon Gate is closed. "The king has ordered all gates closed as a war is coming to our doorsteps," a townsperson shared, and our plan is immediately foiled.

We cannot depend on the incoming armies to recognize us when they sack the city, so we decide to try and escape by convincing the guards to let us go. Unfortunately, this plan does not go as expected, and the next thing we know, we hear "seize them!" and the gold cloaks have turned to Teddy and I. We look at each other for just a moment before tearing into the crowds away from our hunters.


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