Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

It's Trial Time!

Teddy and I head off to the trial in the morning. Before we reach the keep, Teddy asks for a large dose of milk of the poppy in case he needs to poison someone. I tell him yes he can have it, as long as he gives it back. We are escorted up to the keep and into the great hall where Perin is standing in front of a large oak table. Behind the table, Lord Grafton, his maester and septon are seated. The lord welcomes us and states they are ready to start, just as James hurriedly enters the room.

Perin is stated to owe money to the city and Lord Grafton talks about how he is against people gambling above their means. James states Perin owes 50 gold dragons and that punishing him would dissuade others from doing the same thing. Lord Grafton asks Teddy for questions. He asks when the debt was started. James states before the war. Lord Grafton asks if it would not be wise to not offer such a large line of credit to someone who cannot pay? To which James states that Perin led them to believe that he could pay as he was a nobleman.

Teddy calls James out for trying to sabotage the Falcon's Nest and Lord Grafton states he finds it hard to believe that James would plot so openly. Both the Maester and Septon weigh in and believe he should be punished. I step in to ask some questions. James obviously lies to me. I eventually offer the solution of banning Perin to just our lands. This suggestion is not liked as they state that Perin could just walk away and we can't really restrict him. I then ask, after whispering with Teddy, if we can pay his debts from the house. They accept this and release him. He seems so overwhelmed with thanks for Teddy to have paid off the debts. He seems to be truly sorry and thankful.

As the group is leaving, I run up to the maester and introduce myself. I ask if he has any books on the older languages as I've grown interested. We walk to his rooms and he finds a copy of the Poems of the Freehold in both Valyrian and the Common Tongue. He offers this to me and in replacement, asks for any books I may have on birds or ravens in general, specifically on flight. I state I will look when I am back in our castle and send anything I have!


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