Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

I've got 99 problems...

.... but a hearth ain't one

Bronn had made it to Harrenhal before we did. He brought the news of Orville's death along with Orville's murderer. Lord Whent had rewarded Bronn with some gold in exchange for Maggie's head on a pike. That's fine by me. Justice was served and Bronn had mentioned in the inn that he needed money. Bronn departed and we were left to settle into the massive castle. Lord Whent was mourning alone and not taking audience with any one quite yet. I too know the loss of a son and shall not pressure him to meet with us if he is not ready. We ate in a grand room presented to us as "The hall of a hundred hearths". Being an eternal skeptic, I only counted 35 hearths. BAH, still impressive, just don't make it out to be something it's not. Oh well, you know how nobles like to over-represent the size of their "castles". We ate a hearty meal and I went off to practice my logic by playing a game of cyvasse against anyone I could find. I happened to bump into House Whent's Maester, Tothmire. He was worried I wanted to play for money but I told him I simply wanted to challenge my whits against a wise mind. While we playing, Tothmire mentioned how Lord Whent was worried about his brother serving in the King's Guard and his fate if a war were to break out. I revealed some of my distrust of the spiritual world to him and to Thad listening in the background. My friend pressed me to reveal more, but I said that is a sad story for another time.

About a month had passed living comfortably as guests in Harronhal and finally Lord Whent called to meet us….


Those lords and their castles… The maester wishes she could relate.

I've got 99 problems...
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