Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

I've got friends in low places.

I am face to face with repugnant Rancis, who lives up to his name. A foul man, inside and out. In my attempts to convince and charm him into working together to get him safe passage from the cells, I am met with quiet coolness, and incessant lip-licking, and try to hid the chills he gives me. Seeing that this conversation won't be going far with this quiet man, I bid him adieu, and meet back up with Teddy and Dolins.

Together, we travel to see Ralph back at the tavern. I share with him that my past allows me to truly empathize with the plights of the bandit, and that we can help each other get what we need-for him to leave our lands, and for him to continue to be able to safely pillage towns without consequence. Teddy shares that in efforts to win the title of Warden of the Vale, House Jasper will be bringing strong law and enforcement back to the region, and that it would be in Ralph's best interest to leave before the baliff gets here. Dolins successfully convinces Ralph to complete a staged and safe breakout to get Rancis out of the cells, and discretely board an unmarked boat to Paps Island with his comrades to plunder elsewhere.

Rhaella agrees to ride to Gulltown to arrange a chartered boat, and I give up FIVE WHOLE GOLD DRAGONS for this pursuit. This is the most I've spent in months! I hope Ronnel, Alys, Teddy and the likes sees me turning out my pockets for their cause, and that I am soon repayed in status and titles for my commitment to the house.


Always looking out for number one! Perhaps Calailas position in the house should be addressed soon

I've got friends in low places.
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