Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

Jardon Fought a Random Guy

Things did not ignite!

We settled one of Perrin's debts thanks to me. Cost me 7 dragons, but sure beats the 35 he owed. How he racked up such a big debt is beyond me. I only had to threaten to slaughter everyone in the tavern to convince them to take my deal. 

We were going to settle the other debt by burning the place down. We had a good plan too. I would deploy the oil on the tavern's backside, and pay a random guy or let Jardon light it up. Well, it started ok, Jardon made a distraction so no one would notice me and I snuck to the alley behind the tavern. Unfortunately, his distraction turned into him full on fighting some random hunter in town. I guess he was being super mean to the guy's wife. He had it coming… Anyways that hunter called for the town guards and we had to skeedattle before anything was lit. We say the guy i had paid to light the fire talking to them… I may need to be careful if I come back to Gulltown. 


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