Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

Journey to Heart's Home

I'm cold and everything hurts.

We had a few hours to gather supplies before heading towards Hearts Home, and Lord Royce shared that the Rebellion has in fact begun, though he had hope that we could reach a diplomatic negotiation with the Corbrays. We travelled without risen banners on horse back through a trail system, and discussed which houses are loyal to our cause (Runestone, Royce, Jasper, Arryn, Bellmore, Coldwater, Eegen, Hunter, Harding) and which houses are seem to be Royalists (Shet, Upcliff, Corbrays). The journey to the mountains was to take 4 days. 

As we rode into a deep valley, we stumbled into 10 clansmen blocking our path. The one woman in the group asked us to drop our weapons, and I invited her to a discussion between the two groups. My attempt to reason with the one woman of the group was met to no avail-she rode back to her fellow clansmen, and after a moment of discussion amongst the group, her comrades raised their weapons and began  charging towards us. This helpless handmaid found herself alone in the middle of what was soon to be a battlefield with savage. I muttered some colorful words under my breath and drew my stiletto and new shield. As I circled around towards my group, I saw Lord Royce cut down one of the clansmen, and looked back to see two clansmen next to me. Teddy headed towards me as I attempted to stab the riders around me, nicking one, and missing the other. Teddy's long sword swung at another rider, and missed. I stabbed the first clansman, and circled around on my horse to find myself face to face with a maul, which came crashing down onto me. I was surrounded by a pure chaos unlike any I had experienced in many years. Exasperated and terrified, I galloped away, and as I saw our enemies drop their weapons, I made a quick escape with the rest of House Jasper following close behind.

We entered the Shellfort for shelter the night before we arrived at Heart's Home, and spoke to Brenda, who had a vision of three ravens meeting with a falcon and a black cat. Jardon wondered aloud if this could represent the Corbray families, the Arryns and the Jaspers. She spoke in an infuriating cryptic manner, and it was all I could do not to stomp away in frustration. I was grateful for Thad's patience, who presented the old woman with the shield, confirming that the writing  was old runes but she couldn't read it. Brenda continued rambling about glass and the tomb and children…and I couldn't help but slink away so the group wouldn't see my impatience. 


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