Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

Just act cool

Even when things heat up

Hark!!! Bad guys!!! On the horizon!!!

I gave the lantern signal from the bell tower to say the enemy approaches by land. I then sprinted from the tower toward the Inn, where I could stay near Robert's hiding place across the street. I pass Calaila on the way and tell her soldiers have entered the town and are searching every house. 

I slow down and act cool as I walk into the into the bar. Enemy soldiers are just now making their way into the center of town, and I am able to help myself to an ale while the innskeep is distracted by the footmen entering the establishment. I take a minute to catch my breath and drink up, for there is no telling if this day is my last.

In the square to the north, a knight is holding ground as his soldiers search the nearby houses. I notice that Shaymus is being held in a cage not far from the square. I approach the knight with my best attempt at a commoner "Robert was here, but he headed down the river several days ago. I believe you have missed him!" No luck. He didn't buy it. How can I get these soldiers out of here before they find Robert?

I make my way toward the carriage where Shaymus is held. As I near, the guards shoo me away before I can exchange words with him. This situation is becoming dire. Every second that goes by, Robert's discovery edges closer to inevitable…

Wait. I can slow the soldiers down! I duck into the nearest house right next to the square. Not even looking around the room, I quickly light my lantern and smash it on the floor under some curtains. I make my exit, still acting cool, of course. The war for our kingdom is one of sacrifice, I hope the residents of that house are prepared to make one.

Minutes go by, then it becomes apparent from everywhere in town that a fire is raging in the square!!! Soldiers abandon their search and rush to put out the contemptuous conflagration! I seize the moment to break Shaymus out of his cage. We roll into a nearby house and stay hidden. Before long, the sounds of a large battle sweep over the town. I run outside toward the nearest gate in the wall to see what I was hearing. What a sight! Targaryen forces are losing ground to an army colored with the flags of Stark, Tully, Arryn, and more! 

It has been over an hour since I've seen any members of House Jasper. I hope everyone made it through this siege! If the gods are good, perhaps King Robert even managed to stay hidden!  


Love the balance between play-by-play and inner monologue!

Just act cool
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