Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

Left alone to meet friendly Orville

Maester gone solo

I got mail!! A raven arrived for me stating that Gulltown has been retaken and that we need to meet Lady Alys on the road to Harrenhall to meet with Lord Whent. I gather our group and let them know. I know that the lord of Harrenhall is wealthy, older and has a big family and I think I remember that a few years ago he held a big tournament of some kind. Before we leave, Calaila sneaks off to tend to something. We finally all get ready out front of the house and see Nestor Royce. He lets us know that the allegiance of the lands is uncertain and to be careful. He states that we should be careful with what we share with people and that as far as he knows, Lord Whent is not a diplomat and not as important to the war as others.

And we set off! Calaila is quite nervous and she insists we come up with a back story for our group to tell people along the way. We pass the bloody gate into contested lands. All of a sudden we see 5 soldiers blocking our path! We start talking while approaching and try to figure out what to do. We scatter off the path then the guards draw their weapons and say they want our food! All of a sudden one of the men is shot in the neck! Another then is shot in the chest! The rest scatter quickly. Then Calaila, Dolins and Teddy take off on horseback! I stay behind looking for whoever shot the soldiers. They obviously didn't mean us harm, or else we would already be dead! I see a shadowy figure approach from the thick woods. I greet him and thank him. He states his name is Orville Whent and that he roams his lands keeping the roads safe. I notice he is carrying an average bow and knife. Dolins and Teddy finally come back while skittish Calaila stays at a distance. Orville states we should head to the crossroads inn where there will be people who can vouch for who he is. And we all know Dolins needs to practice his new set… A fresh audience would do well.

We arrive at the inn and Calaila hides in the stables. The rest of us go inside where Orville suddenly gets into a fight with a young man and tells him he isn't welcome. We hear his name is Bronn who argues he hasn't ever done anything wrong. They continue to bicker then Bronn disappears. Dolins is playing his set throughout this time. He is trying out a new style of music. I am not sure this Maester likes this angry sounding bard… He must have had a bad ride in. Dolins also has agreed to pay off the debt that Orville has at this inn! What a fool! I could have bought so much poison with that money… I'll have to talk to him later.

We split into two rooms and Teddy hastily shacks up with Calaila and Maelys. Maybe my feelings towards him are unwanted? If only he could know the truth in my heart… Alas. Dolins and I get to hang out more! We chat away and then fall asleep. 

In the morning, Dolins and I rise at the same time, give eachother our best friends high five, then head down to eat. Suddenly we hear a door crash and running about upstairs. We hurry back up and see Maelys has broken down Orvilles door. A horrid rancid smell emits from the room and we can see he is dead… I'll take a closer look soon… Once I clear the smell from my nose…



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