Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

Lessons in Warging

Following the departure of the Plankytown group, the maester beckons me to leave my post next to a very injured August to assist him with builing a funeral pyre. Out of respect for the maester, as well as House Jasper’s fallen friends, I agree to help, though I fear my cluttered mind full of distracted thoughts about poor August keep me from being very useful.

The next morning, I receive a knock on my door and am happy to see sweet Thomas present for a visit. I invite him in and gives August some loving head pats in exchange for hearty tail wags. He compliments us on our role in the battle with the Ironborns, and asks if I could teach him how to warg. Puzzled, I think about the process and shrug-“I’m not sure if it’s something that can be taught, but we sure can try!”. I suggest he squeeze his eye shuts and think of August really, really hard. He follows my instructions enthusiastically, and I have to admit he looks quite silly doing so, but when he opens his eyes and asks if it worked, I ask if he felt anything unusual. “Hmm, well, I do feel hungry…is August hungry?” I quickly warg in an out of the hound, and reply, “No, not particularly…” He tries to hide his disappointment, and shares that while he’s excited to become a knight, he’s never seen anyone do what I can do and wishes it were a skill he could acquire. I share that he’s welcome to spend as much time with August and I as he likes, and while I may not know how to teach warging, I can certainly help him improve upon his equestrian skills. He happily accepts, and departs to find his next meal.


Thomas definitely spent all afternoon trying to warg into every animal he saw

Lessons in Warging
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