Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

Let It Be

For though we may be parted...

As Lord Paxter has returned, it seems that the castle is buzzing with activity and brown nosing, which I willfully participate in. I've been considering poisoning the guards after days of watching them closely, but fear that it is too risky. I don't know where the Maester is, and the guards are heavily armored with halbards and mail. Besides, even if I DID get them out, where would we go? With all of the talk of a trial going on lately, it would be very easy to throw a dishwasher in front of the gods as well. I don't need that noise!

After rushing through our morning chores, the servants of the kitchen head down the hill towards a platform…and a noose. Behind me, I notice Maester Thad being led towards the trial, and Carsen, Jardon and Darron in the crowd. 

As Teddy, Dolins and Maester Thaddeus were read their charges, I found myself picking through the crowd to see if there was a higher station I could pursue should my house be executed. Lord Paxter appears old and foolish, and now that he has returned, maybe he's looking to spend a little money on a persuasive young handmaid. Or, I could use the money I saved not buying poison on a trip back to the mainland, and find a silly Lady of a house to whisper deceptions into her head. It wasn't until I heard the jeers of my surrounding, smelly peasants that I was brought back to reality. That House Jasper would live on, and I would have to continue navigating through the waters of my foolish companions. I might as well start calling them meatballs.


That Calaila… Always looking to get away from us!!

Let It Be

Always the most reluctant of companions! Very fitting

Let It Be
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