Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

Let me live, Lady!

maybe if I just tell you everyone I know is dead, you'll leave me alone....

After a month at Herronhall, Lord Walter finally shared that he's ready to discuss the politics of the times. As I'm tending to Lady Alys, she unexpectedly asked me about my past. After fumbling about for a moment, and tried to convince her that my lowly past carries little interest to a wise and beautiful lady as herself. Her warmth surprised me, and pressed further about my born family, to which I lied (to the best of my knowledge-who knows what's happened to those fools), and responded that my family is dead.  Lady Alys empathized with my story, stated that her family was murdered by the Mad King Targaryan. Alys believes that she too would've been murdered had she not been hidden away so well in the Fingers, and that he must've forgotten about her. 

Our group has been sent to the Stony Sept, and after many days, we've landed in the Salt Pans, and stumbled across a gravely injured Robert.


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