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House Jasper

let's bounce

we gotta get outta here!

I was sitting in the corner of the tavern, scratching my head when I noticed Dolins attempting to convince Bronn to spill the beans on last night's murder. Bronn relented and shared that he and Masha were together last night and claimed innocence for both of them. I continued scanning the room and overheard the Whent soldiers discussing their gratitude towards Lord Whent, Maggie going in and out of the kitchen and speaking about the tavern with Masha. I decided to join Masha in the kitchen, and convinced her to tell me that she thought Orville's murderer was Maggie, and reaffirmed her innocence. Masha reminded me that it was quite possible that Maggie poisoned Orville with greycap. 

That evening, I discussed our options with Maester Thad and Lordling Teddy. Thad was in the midst of suggesting we frame Maggie, which I found to be quite unnecessary considering her own friends accused her of murder. We decided that we would quietly slip out the next morning, and tell the Whent's that we felt no one could be trusted with the terrible news of Orville's murder, and had to get to them as soon as we could.

We caught up with Lady Alys on our travels toward Herronhall, and I tended to her needs and fed her and Teddy until we arrived at the enormous and overwhelming castle.


“Tended to her needs” eh?! What kind of handmaiden are you?!

let's bounce
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