Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

los bandidos están en llamas

(The bandits are on fire!!!)

Around the bend arrived Lord John of Lynderlys with several men on horses behind him. He called out, asking who we were. Dolins, our trusty bard, sang a lovely mountain song announcing us to them. Teddy then stepped up offering our scroll but he was swiftly denied. Calaila then convinced Lord John to read the scroll. She approached and handed the scroll to him wherein he ripped up the message before reading. He stated he either wanted money or sport to allow our passage and Dolins offered up a throwing challenge against himself. He lost heartily to Lord John but as he was a good sport and good company, Lord John allowed us passage for the price of the throwing knife.

One week later, we were in an unseasonably cold storm. We were searching for shelter but we took so long I was injured twice in the frigid cold! I will have to remember to get more clothes for the cold when we get to a market. My weakly body cannot handle such torment!

Teddy, our fearless leader, spotted a cave and we made our way there. Dolins and Calaila lit their lanterns and Dolins handed me a torch. We started exploring the cave and made our way deep into the darkness. At one point, my good friend Dolins and I split off to explore one path we had neglected towards the entrance. We make our way around a corner and see two men dressed in black with a small fire and the glitter of coins on the ground!

The men quickly rush us! My new friend took his lantern, swung it around in a circle and smacked both bandits with it, setting them alight. I attempted to stab them in the face with my lit torch, but I missed. I offered to help them by putting out the fire if they surrendered but they both ignored me and trained their sights on Dolins.

Both Dolins and I were injured by the flaming bandits (which is a great name for a band Dolins, we should create one when we get back to the castle). We yelled out for help and Maelys promptly arrived. He was hit and hurt a little. Dolins drew his stiletto and also noticed he was on fire, so he swiftly stopped, dropped and rolled. I had learned of this technique at the Citadel. I attempted to help my dearest, dear friend Dolins to his feet, but in my clumsy attempt, tripped on my long robes and fell on the ground beside him. 

Dolins was injured a bit more by the singed, flaming bandits. I remembered I had my dagger and I quickly pulled this from my robes. I rolled over to the closest of the burning bandits and attempted to stab him in the leg but my sweaty hands made the knife hilt slippery and the knife flew from my hands into the dirt a few feet away.

By this point, Calaila had made her way over and I saw her draw two weapons and charge towards the further bandit. She then bravely stabbed him in the neck which immediately downed the man and he started burning more. I could tell from my learnings that he was dead.

I saw Teddy appear near me, he must have snuck up in all the commotion and he stood on the far side of the battle near where I was on the ground. Dolins then grabbed one of his remaining 19 knives and threw this past Calaila and this landed in the chest of the other bandit. 

I believe this all would make a great aria set to a strong drum backbeat, possibly with a harp solo? Just a thought I need to share with my lunch buddy Dolins… 


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