Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

We met up with our companions at the dock and the Bard thankfully resang our glory song! We then were discussing with Lord Royce. He re-told the story to our companions of House Corbray and discussed the Lord and sons of the house. Lord Corbray he stated was shrews and unremarkable. Lionel, the eldest, was well suited to his position in life, unlike his brother below him, Lynn. He is brash, impatient and should be avoided. Lucas is the youngest and although he is just 14, he is wise beyond his years and sounds like an excellent person. Maybe we will be able to gather information from him in future? He seems the best to be met with.

He also stated some of the houses that stood with us are the Runestone, Aaron, Belmore, Coldwater, Eagan, Riverlands, and a few others that I missed as he was muttering very quickly and I was distracted by my lost money. It is weighing heavy on my heart. All the activities I could have done… All the poisons that could have been bought… But alas. Lord Royce also stated that the Corbrays had a few hundred men on their side.

We carried on our way, not flying any house banners. We arranged ourselves just so, and carried on. I situated myself near my dear friend Dolins towards the back of the pack as everyone else had just bought new armor or weapons as they saw fit in town. We were heading up a snowy gully (A snow nook?) when ahead of us appeared 10 clanspeople! Calaila immediately ran ahead asking to speak to their one woman. I could not hear what she said but it must have backfired as they sprinted towards us! I notice Teddy is still hurt… Hopefully no more harm comes to him!

I backed up at the back of the pack as I have no weapons except my dagger. I see packs fighting and several clansmen go down. I see Darron has taken some strong hits. A clansman then heads towards our wonderful bard! Oh no! I quickly and deftly take off my maester chain and run towards the clansman, swinging my chain above my head. I attempt to smack them in the head with it, but alas. I miss. It's the thought that counts right?

 All of a sudden, wolves appear! Although they seem angry, my bff Dolins and I attempt to tame one. I have hatched the plan a few weeks ago that as I have no weapons or fighting skills to speak of, I would like to have an animal to assist me in that realm. All of the sudden, the clansmen drop their weapons. Someone must have convinced them to let us pass!

We carry on our way, a bit worse for wear, and come upon some ruins of the house Shell. We walk inside and see a woman sitting by a fire. We pester her for a long while and she tells us tales of what she sees. She tells us we need to enter the tomb but won't be able to for some time. Carson threatens the poor woman by stating he will hold her over the fire if she isn't more transparent with us. He then backs down. This guy is odd. After hearing more of her tales of the future, we decide we need to rest and heal up. I fall asleep, dreaming of the dog that Dolins and I almost tamed… I would have named him Friendly, as I saw a friendly glint in his eye behind the snarl. Maybe one day we will cross paths again and he will come be my furry, stinky companion… A girl can dream….


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