Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

At breakfast the next morning we present our ideas about who her niece may be able to marry, and despite some barbs and prickled feelings we convince her to abide by our suggestions. As we trot away from Old Oak, I feel Lady Arwyn’s eyes staring into my back, but I pay no mind, knowing we’ve bettered both of our houses, and hope our choices will lead to curried favor with House Tyrell. Lord Theodore encourages Maester Thad to notify Olenna and Mace Tyrell of our mission’s success, in addition to writing to Lady Arwyn about the scheduled ceremony.

On our way to Lannisport, we have the pleasure of stumbling across House Crakehall, who offers us hospitality for the evening. Over dinner, Lord Crakehall shares in shame that his house’s funds have run dry after their silver mines have reached their ends. I see a glimmer in Teddy’s eyes, and after retreating to our quarters post-dinner, we devise a plan to invest in the mine. I offer 25% of the upfront investment, 50 gold dragons, but report that it’s all I can afford. I encourage him to drive a hard bargain, and initially he does so, asking for 50 gold dragons a month in perpetuity, but am disappointed when he’s driven down to only tripling our original investment. Pitiful! This is what happens when you send a lording to do a mistress of whispers’ job…

Nearing Lannisport, we’re drawn into a rowdy tavern, where someone has apparently paid for everyone’s drinks for the evening. I have an uneasy feeling in my gut, but a quick check around doesn’t give me any clues as to why. I sip slowly on my cup of wine, listening closely to the revelries around me, when I hear “Reeemusss…..we’re here for you….” taunting from outside the closed tavern door…


I see what you did with that first paragraph. Very nice!

Making New Friends and New Enemies
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