Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

Meet Jayne...

We all started out our adventure in the dining room after the food fight. Teddy had just joined us in the hall and Calaila (being a nosey housemaid), asked the Lordling where he had been. Teddy shared that he had been snooping in the trusty, and most wonderful Maester's rooms but as everyone expected, he had found nothing. The Maester was innocent! The Maester also had excellent hearing and heard all that the lordling and Calaila were whispering about in the corner.

We all carried on to the kitchen where Dolins and Calaila wanted to ask a kitchenmaid about the wine glass found in the ravenry. We started by asking about this new kitchenmaid as none of us had met her before. She told us of her mother who had died a year before at Lord Ronnel's name day. None of us had remembered her mother and I, the Maester, did not remember treating a woman of any injuries around the time of the name day. The conversation was derailed when the kitchenmaid started speaking about "The Spider" and how he was the one who had her copy notes from the ravens and leave them by the coast. Jayne, the kitchenmaid was very distraught and Calaila was able to calm her nerves. It was decided that given her affinity for ravens, she would assist me in the ravenry as the lock has been broken and we need a watchful eye.

Now should we tell Lord Ronnel? And how much should he know? We will carry on next week… In adventures and blunders of the Jasper House!


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