Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

Meeting Jayne Stone

Dolins, Maester Thaddeus and I made our way to the kitchen, with Teddy pulling up the rear. I quietly asked him where he was before the evening, and he shared aloud that he was rifling through the Maester's room as he was suspicious of his behavior. As we made our way into the ktichen, a young girl, of about 9 years old is standing alone. Dolins introduced himself, and asked her about her position in the house. The little girl, who shared her name is Jayne, reported that she's been working in the kitchen for about a year, and that her mother worked as the house cook for many years, but died suddenly during last year during Lord Ronnel's name day celebration. I remembered that last year, a tragedy occurred where a pot of hot oil fell on a woman in the kitchen at that party, and she died suddenly, and assumed that that must've been Jayne mom. Seeing that Dolins' line of questioning was going nowhere, I stepped in and sat Jayne down gently, reassuring her and asking her to share what she knows about the ravenry. Jayne bursted into tears and shared that out of fear and necessity, she had agreed to help intercept that House's messages, copy them, and give the copies to the Spider, Lord Varys. We found the spy! I encouraged the young girl for coming clean to us, and gave her a big hug. The four of us agreed that mercy should be shown to Jayne, and Dolins suggests that we can utilize her as a double agent to spend fake messages to the enemy. Teddy says he'd like to follow Jayne to the secret spot she brings the messages to and get an eye on the Spider. We all agree to share our discovery of who the spy is with Lord Ronnel, and I'm thrilled to continue to curry favor with the Lord of the House, and hope to squeak into the conversation that it was I who quickly got Jayne to share the truth with us, if the timing is right, to demonstrate my commitment to the Lord's wishes and the good of the house. Maester Thaddeus noticed the quick bond I built with Jayne, and to my horror, suggested that I take her under my wing! I politely confirmed that I'll continue to keep an eye on Jayne and make sure she's fed, but declined the suggestion. I don't need a helpless, lowly bastard child attached to my hip! Thaddeus fortunately agreed to show Jayne the innerworkings of the ravenry, and I breathed a sigh of relief that no one pushed that issue further.


Always sucking up to the lord, that Calaila… Making us cross-dressing maesters look bad!

Meeting Jayne Stone
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