Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

We return to King's Landing as a house, and I spend a few days wandering my old city. The day of the wedding, I am exploring the Red Keep, when I overhear a conflict in a store room.

"P-please, sir! I…I don't want to!", a young girl begs out of sight.

I rush over to the door to find a Baratheon servant harassing a Tully handmaiden, and encourage him to leave successfully. He spits at my boots, and mutters something about me ruining his good time, and I chuckle to myself-I have survived  many and more severe insults. The grateful girl introduces herself as Lily, and shares that she grew up at Riverrun, and has worked for Tullys her whole life. She's in town with Lord Hoster for the wedding celebration., and noted that she gets along quite well with his son, Lord Edmure. Lily ruminates on her thanks for my saving her from the Baratheon brute, and I think to myself that I should be thanking that vile gentleman for presenting me with such a perfect opportunity.

I tell Lily my tale-that I, too, was once a handmaid, but with years of loyalty and hard work, I've since been promoted to Mistress of Whispers, and am developing a network of handmaids across the Seven Kingdoms. I share that the purpose of this network is to pass notable information to one another, and to protect one another when needed, as I just demonstrated. She eagerly agrees to take part, and even agrees to send other handmaids my way should the opportunity arise. I encourage her to stick nearby me for the rest of our time here, and think to myself that I'll certainly want to circle back with her before we set sail again. 

I escort Lily to the Center Square to enjoy the music and festivities. We just miss Dolins' performance, and as I notice the bard is exiting the stage and heading towards me, I also see Tontos Cavalero. I may have taken care of Olivia, but her uncle simply refuses to die. I turn on my heels, pull my hood farther around my head. I blend in to the crowd, get away, and meet up with Dolins on the outskirts of the square. He kindly assures me that my past does not define me, and encourages me to continue looking forward, but I can't help but feel a twinge of guilt that my past continually puts of comrades in danger.

We later learn that Lord Teddy is called to the the Tower of the Hand of the King, and John Arryn announces in front of all the nobles of the region that House Jasper has been named Marshall of Fingers and the Isles. Hoorah!


Best keep your boots clean!

Also, your network/helping housemaids reminds me of the SPEW in Harry Potter. And yes, I did have to google that, I’m not that much of a nerd… Yet…

Mistress to the Rescue

Haha it is kinda like SPEW! – a c-plot I had forgotten all about

Mistress to the Rescue
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