Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

After gathering a fair amount of tarragon, Ser Darron spots a hidden person in the brush, and halts our group. He indicates they quickly ran away, but it’s clear they’re a mountain clansman and we may have stumbled into some trouble. :You there! Halt!" he shouts but to no avail. Gregoriy, on the other hand, yells forcefully, and as if by magic, the clansman stops and turns around. I am frozen in terror-I’m not prepared for a fight! Are we about to be ambushed?!

Fortunately a surprisingly civil conversation takes place, but mysteriously, before the man runs back into the woods, he whispers something in Gregoriys ear. He reports to the group that he was offering his services as a guide, but instincts tell me perhaps there was more to their short exchange. When we depart, Lord Theodore muses about exterminating the mountain folk from the lands.



Mountain Run In

Gregoriy was probably telling the truth…….not the whole truth…..

Mountain Run In
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