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House Jasper

My Brother.....The Joyful Few....dead....

What Next?

In Norvoshi…..

It is with great sadness that I must lament my Brother Viktor’s passing. I am quite certain that they acted in the greatest of valor in the name of our god, This part is indiscernibly written, it is in a version of Norvoshi that a scholar could possibly derive its voice and meaning, but to even most Norvoshi they are not able to make out. One who has skill in reading Norvoshi or Old Valyrian might have some skill in knowing what the name of the Norvoshi god is, but other than that, not so much

The one they call Darone and the one they call Carsyn have assured me of this, and I believe them to be sincere, although I will have to confer with Norvoshi God Name later to see if they are true of heart.

Yuri is skeptical, but he always is, especially of the young one. Yuri is far displaced from the cynicism of the young, he does not understand a younger adolescent’s need for attention. She is rather intriguing from my point of view, there is something more to her…..

Although we have lost such great Norvoshi Warriors, and potential converts, at the hand of this Westorosi lord, or “lord actininistead” (which I suppose is the name of the leader speaking to me today), there is something intriguing about these people. Maybe not to join our group, but maybe to aide us in our endeavor. Perhaps it is why Viktor and Tito decided to stick around so long. I am not sure on how to place it, but perhaps Norvoshi God’s Name will reveal his secrets to me on why we are here. Perhaps it is these mountains that surround us that remind me of the Norvoshi Hills……

For now, we will rest, and hopefully get Vesna to speak better in their language. I am forever in debt to Vesna, but her common tongue is less than diplomatic despite her insistence to speak for me……..Norvoshi God’s Name help her.


I can tell gregoriy’s journals are going to be a lot of fun to read!!!!


Hahaha Gregoriy’s journals are off to a STRONG start

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