Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

My Poor Deston

Iron for Iron, Blood for Blood

My poor, poor boy. My sweet Deston. No words can express the anguish of losing your first born. Who could be so cruel as to kill a child? I never should have left or stayed away for such foolish things. Greed is the folly of all men, even me…

Rhaella said it appeared to be the work of mountain clansmen, and that they left tracks to be followed. I care not for the foolish rebellion brewing around me, but I must have revenge. I now have a task more important than current events. Lord Jasper, blind as he is, could at least could see this and gave me leave to do what was needed.

I will kill the clansmen to the last for what they have done. It is lucky I now have a private army at my disposal, for I plan to lay waste to any town or village of clansmen I find. My moto, and that of my house has been made; Iron for Iron, Blood for Blood.



My Poor Deston

Oh damn!!

My Poor Deston

Dolins knows your pain. He sends his condolences.

My Poor Deston
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