Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

Narrowly Escaping Death at Sea

Barely breathing, but grateful to be alive, I discern that Jardon and Carsen have been pulled overboard by the kraken. Seeing that our two strongest men are on one rope, I race to the other side of the ship where Theodore and Thad are pulling. I put on all my weight on the ropes, but I’ve been badly injured and my efforts are lost. I scream to the others to pull our captain back on board and my words seem to be carried away in the sea wind. All appears lost…then Carsen is hauled on board! Dolins sprints across the boat and leaps into the water near Jardon, and Darron jumps onto our rope. Carsen shoots into the water from the rail, and we heave with all our might. I feel so weak, and overwhelmed with hopelessness, I fall back onto the deck and black out.

When I come to, the whole crew, including Jardon, is miraculously on the deck of the Rambis (though sadly it becomes apparent the the maester’s dog, Georgie, did not survive that attack). Relief washes over us all, and Ser Darron commends Dolins for his bravery. “I didn’t think about it, I just jumped in! My only regret is that I couldn’t save Georgie!” the bard earnestly replies. At this, Darron asks Dolins to take a knee, and knights him for his repeated acts of bravery, in addition to this final act of heroism. We cheer and relish in this joyous moment despite the death and destruction that has clouded our journey. I stumble back down below deck and pray for the healing abilities of the maester.


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