Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

New Companions for Castle Snownook

Terry opens her door to reveal that she is holding a stiletto. We persuade her to tell us her story, and she shares that she's known Rusty almost her entire life, after joining his band of cut purses. After some time, they developed a romantic relationship, and she and Rusty had a child together. Terry shared that Rusty has a terrible temper and is a very dangerous man, and escaped Rusty with their young son in tow, in order to rescue him from Rusty's menacing plans for him. And at that moment, a cowering boy comes out from the closet, and clutches him mother's leg.

This is quite the turn of events. Dolins and I agree to offer her the opportunity to join us at Castle Snownook. She first asks for gold to be able to cross the narrow seas, which we quickly decline, but then agrees to join us on the road north. 

As Dolins prepares a covered wagon of sorts to transport Terry in without others seeing her, I meet our old friend Tess down at the docks. "My friend, you have finally arrived! Unfortunately it is too late…" I tell her that without enough direction from Rusty's note, and without her here to guide us, we were not able to figure out what he was seeking, and though I stayed back to personally deliver this news to Tess, the rest of my party has returned north. Tess warns me that Rusty is not someone to cross, but ultimately buys my line, knowing only that we gathered limited intel about patrons of the Falcon's Nest seeking information about the Duke, but not revealing that I knew what to do with that information. We part ways, and I head north with confidence that we have escaped Rusty's villainy.


You and Dolins handled the situation well! A welcome return to form after the “we are slave traders” debacle last week

New Companions for Castle Snownook
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