Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

No no, its cool. We're slave traders.

It’s still the night before the trial, and Dolins and I are going back to the castle to try and talk to Perin. We approached the castle gates and I was about to open my mouth to announce ourselves, when Dolins blurts that “we are slave traders looking to scour your cells for scum that we might buy from you”. He was very convincing. Unfortunately, the slave trade is illegal in Westeros and the guards point their weapons at us.

Dolins turns and runs immediately. It seems as though he and I have switched rolls tonight!

“My good sirs, I don’t have any idea what that drunk is talking about. I am Theodore Jasper, I am requesting an audience with my sworn sword who is awaiting trial.”

Damn, its nice to be back in the Vail where being a Jasper commands some respect!

I am escorted to the dungeons where I find Perin slumped in a cell. I can tell he’s been mulling over the days events in his head. He tells me he’s going to confess and ask for mercy from Lord Grafton. That’s the plan of a man who’s given up! 

“You could demand a trial by combat,” I tell him. The wheels are turning in his head, weighing the consequences. He eventually agrees to request trial by combat, but he doesn’t seem excited about it. I assure him that I’ll do whatever I can to make his day easier tomorrow.

That evening, back at the Winter’s Reprieve, I find Dolins being merry with Calaila and the Maester. I’m glad to see he eluded the soldiers, hope he didn’t kill anyone. In preparation for tomorrow, we all agree that Dolins shouldn’t show his face at court tomorrow after the stunt he just pulled. It is decided that Maester Thad and I will attend Sir Perin’s hearing in the morning, while Dolins and Calaila continue the search for Terry. 

Thad and I get an early start the next morning and make our way out of the tavern while the other two are still waking up. As we turn up the street towards the castle, I turn to Thad and exclaim, “Well, this should be exciting.”


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