Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

After some gruff arguing with stable master Eddric, I manage to trade in my pony for a rounsey. We set off towards the lands of House Baelish, and strategize duringĀ the weeks long journey about how to bring this false knight to justice. Upon our arrival, we immediately see smoke rising in the distance. We ride up to a disastrous scene, of an old couple rummaging through the rubble of a burnt and empty barn. They share in disgust that, in fact, the very monster we are looking for was the culprit of this evil deed. He's left them penniless and homeless. The couple points us in the direction he went, and we begin to track him.

After two days of Maelys, Dolins and Teddy succesfully tracking, in the late afternoon, the serene sounds of the sea winds is broken by shouting-an old man and woman come running over the hill and are paralyzed by the sight of our group drawing our weapons. He yells that a man is setting his barn on fire, and I immediately charge past them. All in the Vale will know my name for the woman who bravely brought down the false knight!

Dolins, Maelys and I surround the man, with Teddy, unsurprisingly, nowhere in sight. The man has thick armor that Maelys and Dolins are unsuccessful in piercing. My stiletto, however, sticks right through. With a look of vengeance, he comes at me with his lance, leaving a brutal gash in my leg. Dolins and I successfully corner him against the fire he set, and Dolins throws a net over the man. Maelys dismounts and slahes the man through the arm, and we push him closer to the fire. The man attempts to escape, but in his efforts, is knocked off his horse by Dolins and cut down by the three of us. Entangled, wounded, grounded and surrounded, the man finally yields.

We tie him up further, and as Dolins lifts the man's helmet from his head, a look of recognition washes over the bard's faceā€¦


This is a great log!

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