Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

Nothing up my sleeves...

... except a good distraction

I was able to convince to Bronn to tell me what he knew about Orville’s murder. I finally believed him when he said he and Masha had spent the night together so it could not have been him. I even tossed a silver his way for his honesty. It can’t hurt to bolster my reputation by flashing a little bit of coin around. I can easily earn some money back with one of my captivating performances. Which I then proceeded to do! Teddy needed a distraction to sneak upstairs to search for more clues and I had a little tune pop into my head about Orville’s unfortunate passing. No matter how many times I asked Orville if he was ok… alas he was not. My performance continued for a while to the crowds delight. I did notice Maggie head towards the stairs. Not wanting her to potentially stumbled upon a sneaking Teddy, I quickly thought to pull her onstage as a volunteer for some magic tricks. Even though I knew that she had drawn the 3 of Clubs, I went through every card in the deck before revealing hers to try to slow her down. She did not seem too impressed. It would take something more to hold her attention. I performed some slight of hand and produced a coin behind her ear. I told her to use the coin and bring a round drinks from the kitchen. That should distract her for a while. I continued my performance into the night until my old bones needed their beauty sleep. We awoke to a calm uneventful morning and departed to meet our Lady Alys. It was good to see her again. We arrived at Herronhall and while still impressive, it seemed in a worse state of repair than my last visit many years ago. A familiar person was waiting in the courtyard upon our arrival, but I just couldn't make out exactly who it is….


Your puns win. I vote extra points just for that!

Nothing up my sleeves...
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