Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

Now a slight detour to ALMOST GET KILLED!!

What the heck guys?? Why all the fighting??

We pick back up having taken Ser Emmon as a ward of our house and Ser Phillip will be a knight of ours. We agree to also head to Woodhall to try and broker a peace between them and Lady Mya. She has said she sent a messenger a while back but they haven't come back yet.

We all decide to head off together to see Ser Hoster of Woodhall. Ser Argyle of House Elseham points us in the right direction and says that House Woodhall is a prickly bunch. As we walk along, it is along a nice trail where you can tell the ocean is near without seeing it. We come across a bend in the trail and see a tree fallen across it with one man sitting on the tree and another slumped over the trunk to his side. What the heck is this….

Darron calls out to see if either of them are dead and the one sitting nods yes. He states he knows who we are even if we don't know who he is… He then tells us his name is Ralph and demands we give up our purse. Darron states that he will not be doing this and will instead carry on unimpeaded. I inch towards the back of the group… This does not seem to be going well…

Ralph shouts "Loose!!" and Cedric is shot with an arrow! Then Darron! Then Jardon! There are people above on the ridge shooting down on us!

I get shot twice!! I sneak and hide behind a rock as I can tell I am very hurt. I hope this won't impede my healing in future… Why did we come here? How did I end up in this place? Why am I being punished by the seven, what have I done so wrong in my life? Was it taking over for my brother as the maester? Should I be more honest in who I truly am? Or is there a greater purpose I should be fulfilling? Oh seven. If only I survive this attack, I promise to look for what my true purpose should be!

During all of my musings the attack continues. I keep ducked behind the rock with Gary and Gulliver. Georgie is wandering around like the untrained dog she is… I need to work on that…

Suddenly, I hear Cedric shout at Ralph and he distracts him, he then comes back to protect me and asks that when the fighting is done, I heal his wounds. Get in line buddy, I think.

I peek over the rock and see that Ralph has stolen Carsen's horse, I think her name is Bob? Brutis? It's some odd B name. He rides over to this monster of a man on top of the ridge and swings him onto the horse and rides away. Jardon then starts to take chase! 



Translation: “WHYYYY?! GOOOOD?! WHY MEEEEEEE???!!!?”

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