Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

Now I'm just somewhere I used to know...

now and then I think of all the ways Flea Bottom screwed me over

After a long journey to the Salt Pans, we finally step foot onto solid ground. I decide to invest some of my new found riches in much needed tools-a new courtier's gown, and some milk of the poppy. Along with great masses of the townfolk, we slowly make our way to my old home town-Kings Landing. 

Upon arrival, the guards sweep Maester Thaddeus away, and we stick to our plan to meet at the dragon pits. Using my valuable knowledge from my history here, we head away from the crowds and towards the Iron Gate, towards the east. We're greeted by 4 gold cloaks, one of whom is an officer, and I confidently step right up to the gate ready to walk through when we are stopped. The officer barks at me to go to the back of the line-pushing my shoulders back, I reply that we're on important business for the cities alchemists. I am not waiting around all day like a common peasant. I am a trusted advisor of a noble house! I advise our lordling….and I think he trusts me? Anyways, the officer separates us, and I coolly pass his questioning with ease, making my way through the gate and for safety, well beyond it. Dolins passes through, and I hold my breath as that moron Teddy steps up for questioning. After some time, he saunters through with a fat, stupid smile on his face.

We make our way to the Dragon Pits through Flea Bottom, and pass by my old haunts and familiar landmarks. I try to keep a low profile, but it's not long until a small boy lunges at Teddy, teeth bared. Dolins gently, but foolishly, tries to reason with the kid while I pull my dagger and shield, and suggest the boy head the other way. Teddy cowers behind Dolins and the boy hits them with a rock. Teddy throws money at the boy to make him leave and I groan. GREAT, now everyone here knows we have cash. The is no clearer sign that a man is a noble that him preferring to pay off a beggar rather than giving him a sharp kick or smack. I suggest we go a different direction to avoid what I'm sure is a gathering crowd of hungry children waiting to ambush us. We take the long way around, and are almost to the pits when we pass by a crowd of cheering hooligans. I sneak past them, but my comrades are not so lucky stealthy. They are stopped by a ratty fighting pit master, and I back into a far wall as I watch them fumble through a tense interaction.

Finally, we make it to the dragon pits and meet up with Thaddeus. 


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