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House Jasper

Now Perin owes Teddy a debt...

On our way over to the trial, Thad give me a large dose of milk of the poppy just in case I need to use it for something. We are escorted by a guard up to the great hall for the trial.

At this point, if I do nothing else, I can sleep easy because I went above and beyond my duties by speaking with Lord Grafton and visiting Perin in the cells.

Lord Grafton commences the trial, and a moment later James hurries into the chamber, panting. “I’m sorry I’m late, my Lord!”

James proceeds to go give a wishy-washy testimony that Perin has cheated his business out of 50 gold dragons over many years. Blah blah blah!

When Lord Grafton gives me an opportunity to speak, I thoroughly attack James’ credibility as a witness by bringing to light his attempt to offer lenience for Sir Perin, in return for my companions and I sabotaging the Falcons Nest’s gambling operation. It appears that I’m effective in sowing doubt in Lord Grafton’s mind. 

Sir Perin is given an opportunity to speak, he merely chooses to say that all of James’ statements are true. DAMNET PERIN!!!!! HELP YOURSELF!!!!

After the testimony, Lord Grafton asks for input from his maester, septon, and Maester Thad. The first two are in heavy favor of punishment for Sir Perin. Sensing the momentum shifting away from Perin, Maester Thad makes another attempt at tarnishing James’ credibility, but to no avail. He offers that House Jasper might keep Perin on their lands in perpetuity, and Lord Grafton balks at that. Finally, with my approval, Thad offers that House Jasper pay Sir Perin’s debts in exchange for his freedom. Lord Grafton agrees to these terms.

Sir Perin looks shocked, and exclaims his discomfort with the house paying his debts for him. I explain, “We are not paying the debts for you, we are paying them for House Jasper. A conviction against a knight of the house is a tarnish on the reputation of my house and my family. I am paying to keep the name Jasper in good standing.”

Did I see a tear in his eye? Perin looks like he’s going to cry out of appreciation. I dare say he better. I’ll make him earn back those dragons, one way or another.


Awesome log! …even if it is a bit late haha

Now Perin owes Teddy a debt...
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