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House Jasper

Oh the fun we missed

That poor innkeep! I hurry on over and start helping his bleeding stubby fingers. I hear Dolins shout down what must be the secret cavern telling Calaila it is safe up here. I later hear her voice but she seems to refuse to come out with us… This girl is terrified. That guy wasn't that scary!! We meet with her in the room and as a group, decide we need to head through the tunnels towards the docks if we can find them. I am not fully on board with this, but I'll go along with the group. I need some protection anyways!!

So we head through the vast maze of hallways and doors. Dolins and Teddy take turns unlocking the doors. Most are empty but we happen upon one that has about 50 jars of wildfire in the middle! I warn my friends not to touch them but silly Teddy grabs one and carries it around! We decide which way to head next and Teddy wisely puts his jar back down. In another room, Dolins finds a note that reads "DP 300, GS 500, RK 1000". We deduce that the letters must mean the Dragon Pits, Great Sept and Red Keep. But the numbers, we can only guess at. And we continue on our way!

In another room we oddly find a boat and set of oars. Why they would be down here, we have no idea! As we keep going, Calaila hears someone headed towards us! We all pull out our weapons and see a portly man who we can smell all the way down the hall staring at us. He reeks of wine and old sweat. A poor combination in my opinion! We start talking with the man and he states he is an underguller of the black cells (which is a prison guard of the lowest dungeons of the red keep). He states that he regularly patrols the passages to check on them to see if there are people in them there shouldn't be. Calaila, being a grump, states that he shouldn't really be drinking on the job should he! I am starting to see why she has so many enemies….

He asks who we are, and we state that we are friends of a local merchant and we are trying to get his boat to the port through the tunnels as it wouldn't fit through his front door… I'm not sure this is the most believable tale, but we will go with it! He does not seem to trust us at all so we take him to the boat we found in the other room as proof. He then starts questioning us and gives me a smirk when I tell him who I am. I have no idea what that smirk means… My companions haven't even discovered my secret… How could this random drunk man?

Teddy and Calaila do an excellent job botching their lies to the man. Teddy most of all. We finally ask his name which he states is Ruben. Dolins asks if he understands RK1000 and he states he does and starts to get suspicious. He seems irritated and Dolins repeats the rest of the numbers an indicates that if he understands them, they must understand eachother… Good bluff friend… But will it work?

They continue to go back and forth then Ruben states if we can name the true king, he will tell us where we can find something of great value. I'm sure Calaila's ears perk up at this! Honestly, mine do as well! After the thief stole my money so early on in our adventures, I've become a bit of a greedy Gus! Dolins states that the true king is Robert Barathean and Ruben asks again who we really are. Teddy states he does not believe he is truly a guard and he agrees, he is not. Teddy states he is not of house Redwyne as he had previously stated but that we are of the house Lynderly. Ruben still does not believe us and seems frustrated. Calaila tries to convince him to tell us who he is if we share who we are. He still mistrusts us and leaves us alone in the tunnels. With nothing of great value earned… This maester thinks she should have spoken up…


Greedy Gus LOL!

Oh the fun we missed
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