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House Jasper

Oh What a Knight!

Accolading and Knighting Me!

Keeping watch is boring work. The mercenaries were pretty much just camping with very little going on. The monotony was finally broken when I heard a crunch behind me, and who did I see? Ser Darron! He said his classic "Ho-Ho" and asked how I had been. I then filled him in on the situation; Mercenaries here, about 200 or so, mustached, halberds. No movement, but they seemed well trained for the most part. 

We conferred briefly on the situation at hand. What do we do with this military force in our lands acting on behalf of a defeated foe? Well, we decided the best course of action would be to negotiate with them. As we discussed options it became clear that I should take the lead on negotiations, but how to get them to take me seriously? Well, Old Darron offered to Knight me in order to give me a better station to speak from. I couldn't say no to that! So now I am a mutha fuckin'knight bitches! Watch out world, everything is coming up Carsen! Can't wait to tell my family. Olira is going to be so proud, and old man Jasper is going to have to hire me into the house now. My family is going to be all set after this! Now to swagger on into that camp in my sexy northern garb and throw my new title around as I save the day. Ho-ho!



Late December back in ‘63

Oh What a Knight!


Oh What a Knight!
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