Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

Ohhhhhhhaiedeedaiedeedaiedeedaie dee dai dee dai dee dai!

Our group arrived to Gulltown, and immediately began our search from Roderick's contact. After searching stables and farms, we arrived in a crowded tavern. I scanned the room to ensure that no one from my past had made their way to this tavern, and I thanked the gods that there were no familiar places. Maester Thad shared that soldiers from House Royce and house Grafton were present. I approached the drunkest looking soldier and asked him about what brought his group into the tavern that evening. He said Lord Royce sent him and his comrades, but refused to expand, so I challenged him to a game of five finger fillet in exchange for his information. After he nicked his middle finger, the man said that Lord Royce has asked his soldiers to keep an eye out for traitors. Unfortunately, this  fool was too drunk to remember any further details. I tried to reign in the rest of the Royce soldiers with a salute to their Lord Royce, but they appeared disinterested. 

Dolins the bard put on a brilliant show to the tavern, but was quickly interrupted by our Lordling getting attacked. As Teddy was running away, I noticed a gentlemen  standing on the second floor nicely dressed in similar colors to House Royce watching the door intently, and then the attackers head thumped back into the door of the tavern. My drunk friend shared that this gentleman was Lord Royce, and I saw Thad in a tense interaction between the two on the second floor. I shouted up for him to join us for an ale, and he responded there was not enough time. At the top of the stairs, Maester Thad shared that he overheard the house in Gulltown did not answer Arryn's call to arms. Lord Royce asked us to meet our fellow house members at the docks, where we will head to Hard Home, where we will need to prevent the Cordray's troops from mobilizing.

We arrived at the docks and met Jasper and the others, and noticed that our Master at Arms had lost an eye in between now and the last time we saw him. Just as I was about to express my sympathies, and man told us we need to hurry, as we were not safe there…


“Heart’s Home” … not Hard Home!


Hard Home is where the white walkers are!


Home is where the bard is?? Eh? Eh?

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