Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

On the road again

The life I love is makin' music with my friends

After defeating our foe, he knelt wounded before me and Teddy (oddly silent and motionless for a while). Before leaving the banks of the river, I glanced out to the boat by which the mysterious stranger had arrived. It appeared unoccupied and I had a sneaking suspicion that it might hold more clues. However, the night was cold and dark and the waters were not calm. I didn't feel confident that Teddy could rescue me should I need assistance. So I let discretion be the better part of valor and thought it wise to simply return to Castle Snownook with Teddy and our prisoner.


Upon our return, we met with Thaddeus and Calaila waited for Lord Ronnel to dispense his wisdom and judgement. To fill in my companions on what had transpired… I broke out my fiddle and improvised a ballad of our battle. As we waited for our lord, we began to interrogate the captive stranger. At first we learned his name and is Roderick and that he claimed to be a fisherman that only taught us because we had a attacked him first. Things didn’t seem to add up so Calaila used her charm on this young man and he revealed his role in this mystery. Roderick said that in exchange for money, he couried the messages from left at the rock by the river (which we knew to be written by Jayne) to a rider in Gulltown. The talented Maester easily diagnosed and healed Teddy’s injury and Roderick’s wounds. Lord Ronnel arrived and agreed that our next course of action should be to take a sworn sword with us to follow the clues to Gulltown. Having sparred with both Perrin and Maelys, I recommend we take the latter with us for his knack of sensing danger. Lord Ronnel dismissed me to bring our prisoner to an abandoned store room to recover from his wounds. After this, I was quite hungry so I went to the dinning room to eat breakfast with Thad and Calaila.


After the fight with Roderick, I could feel my body limbering up. It seemed like my old bones were returning to the agility that I had in my younger years.  With a new pep in my step, I packed my belongings into my wagon and hitched my horse to hit the dusty trail with my companions. After a few uneventful days of travel, we heard the thunderous sound of horses around a bend in the road. We could feel the earth tremble as they came closer…


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