Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

One step close to another rung on the ladder

A few days later, Dolins returns from his travels, and Teddy, Dolins and I were called to speak with Lord Ronnel. The Lord of House Jasper shared that he spoke with Lord Arryn, who gave him the impression that the title of Warden of the Fingers is just within our reach. Lord Ronnel tasked us with strategizing how we can put ourselves ahead of House Coldwater's claim to the title. The three of us go to introduce ourselves to our house's newest knight, Ser Denys, originally from House Coldwater, in hopes that he may be able to share some knowledge about his former house.

Ser Denys seems a kind, loyal and honest knight, and reminisces fondly about his former home in Coldwater Burn. He shared that he left behind some unfinished business, and we pounce on this as an opportunity. Ser Denys mourned that he did not get to carry out a mission to Gulltown before he was relieved of his duties by Lord Roland Coldwater to find and return a precious heirloom to the house. The item is an ancient bronze dagger, worth a fortune to be sure. The bard suggests we return the dagger to its rightful owner in an effort to build a relationship with House Coldwater, and perhaps sway them to swear fealty to their to-be Warden of the Fingers, House Jasper. I tell Ser Denys that in order to properly welcome him and let him settle in to his new home, he leave no stone unturned at Coldwater, and that we hope this mission will be a brick in the building of a strong alliance between the Jasper and Coldwater families.

We deliberate on how to carry out this mission with the help of Lord Ronnel, and decide that Sey Denys will accompany us on our trip to Gulltown to find the dagger, but will be sent back to House Jasper before we get to Coldwater Burn.


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