Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

Our New Family, the Actinisteads! Darbragh for all!

Or Jaspers? not sure....

In Norvoshi……

Lord Teddy Actinistead was most gracious to our predicament being here without a way back, we shall celebrate with Norvoshi Dabragh! A declicacy in Norvos and a soup meant for a feast in celebration in honor of the graciousness of Norvshi God’s Name. We are most excited to serve our hosts in whatever capacity is needed, hopefully to further honor the Joyful Few.

It is with this wonderful news that we must set out for the mountains. It feels like home almost immediately. I look to Yuri, who feels it as well. Kiril is also at home, he seems to know why his compatriots stayed here for so long.

This must be another point like the caves of the Darkwash River, another point to draw upon for communication with Norvshi God’s Name. It must be, especially with the young one, Summer. There must be something in these hills feeding her ability to do this. Yuri had mentioned he had seen this before, in his cousin, but it was into crows, and birds of the like (although he was unable to find the correct words, I am still indebted to my teacher for showing me not only the miracles of the darkwash river , but for teaching me the language of the westerosi). A truly unique ability to be in control of a such a protective animal, an asset to this group to be sure. She may come in handy later for her ability to coax animals……

All that aside though, I think we will fit in well here, even with our expedition to find Tara……targorn……taragony……..ach…….Norvoshi word for Taragon, I see Yuri continuing to make friends, not just with Summer, but with Darrone as well. I see Yuri put a hand on Darrone in friendship as they pick herbs together. What a beautiful moment! All Praise Norvoshi God’s Name!!!!


“Teddy Actinistead” had be laughing to myself through the whole thing. Also, nice job naming the soup, I somehow forgot to do that (forgetting to create a name is a classic GM error)

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