Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

Paranoia, Paranoia

...everybody's comin' to get me.

Upon tying up our loose ends with House Corbray, we followed the instructions of Lord Ronnel and set our sights on Herronhal, heeding warning from Lord Royce to be wary of bandits along the road. I suggested that we agree upon a false backstory in case we come upon enemies of the Vale, and our group discussed that if anyone we did not trust asked, we would respond that we were traders who were seeking sell goods along the Kingsroad, but were robbed and have nothing to offer. 

Once we were out of the Bloody Gate, we came across an overturned cart blocking the road, and their men drew their swords and demanded food. Mid-sentence, an arrow sliced through the throats of one of their men. Without thinking twice I spurred my palfrey, with Teddy and Dolins close behind. I noticed the two slowed and turned around to approach Thad. I slowed to a trot and kept an eye over my shoulder, but carried on away from the man emerging from the forest to talk to Maester Thad. 

Eventually the group, including the young man who I learned was name "Orville", caught up to me as we approached the Crossroads Inn. My travel companions did not seem as suspicious of the archer, but I did not trust this man, and wanted to steer as clear form him as possible. Wanting to avoid crowds, I offered to tie up our horses in the stables while the others secured arrangements for the night. After taking my time in the stables, I slunk into the Inn, scanned the room and didn't notice any familiar faces, so I relaxed a bit and headed up to shared a room with Maelys and Teddy. 

In the morning, on our way down to breakfast, Teddy casuallly mentioned he had snuck around in the night, found "Orville" covered in vomit and feces. Maelys immediately jumped out of our room, kicked open Orville's door, and found him dead. 


Hahaha you have become super paranoid! I don’t blame you… For the least athletic and poorly weaponized, I sure am ballsy beyond what is wise…

Paranoia, Paranoia

Nice Harvey Danger reference

Paranoia, Paranoia
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