Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

Party bard in the house tonight

Everybody just gonna have a good time

Damn my old age! I haven’t needed to take so many naps since I was a toddler. I can’t believe that I fell asleep and missed the battle. I could have helped. Maybe I could have spared brave, loyal Maelys some injury. Perhaps even friendly Shaymus could have been saved. I’ll have to make sure I’m better rested so as to not to miss any other encounters. Alas, I can not dwell on the past and what can not be changed. I’ve done enough of that already in my life. I’d better focus all my energy on the upcoming double wedding! Events as grand as this are rare and growing more so during these troubling times. Surely attendees will be talking about this for generations. What a great opportunity to have them say how they’ve never had more fun than while reveling to the music and stories of the great bard Dolins. My friend Thad asked if I would go with him around the encampment. Any other time I would have loved to walk with him and his cute cat, but I could not pass up performing for such a crowd. On my way to the stage, I passed a man that seemed to not be enjoying himself as much as the other guests. Not wanting anyone to have a bad time, I invited him to bring his drink and enjoy some of my music. My songs were hits! The people seem to like these parodies of other bard’s songs. Maybe someday a young bard will make a parody of one of my songs. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. How wonderful it is to see my music bringing people together… From the stage I watched Ser Darron, Jardon, Ser Carsen, and John Lynderly playing a game together and drinking…. drinking a lot! Boy, Darron can really put away some ale! I also saw Calaila speaking with a young woman with only one arm. I guess I won’t take offense if I don’t get a round of applause from whoever she is talking to. After taking my bows, I collected my earnIngs. It was my most lucrative performance yet. I split part of the gold with the Maester who helped me write one of the songs. Pleased with the success of the evening, I retired to my tent and fell asleep. A feint noise roused me from my slumber and quickly gathered my weapons and shield to see what dared wake me from dreaming of my wife and son. It seems to come from where Calaila had pitched her tent. A shadowy figure, was running off suspiciously…!?!?


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