Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

Pony rich, gold dragon poor.

After about a month, while walking near the God's Eye, we're stopped by an old lonely woman who reported to us frantically that her 12 horses escaped and asked us for help in getting them back. BINGO! We agree to help her wrangle her horses back into her barn, and spend nearly the whole day doing it. Though exhausting work, I keep my eye on the prize all day long-that I will get a horse out of this, and get off my weary feet. Teddy and I exchange looks for a moment after mounting the first horses we catch, and I can see that we have the same thought; perhaps we bail on the rest of the job, take these rides and escape? I decide not to, as we have the ever honorable Dolins with us, who will likely stay behind and finish the job alone regardless of whether we're there to help or not.

At the end of the day, the old woman agrees easily to allowing us to each keep a horse. I hold onto the pony, and Teddy rides away on a mule, the Maester on the stot, and lucky Dolins on a handsome Palfrey, which he names after his wife.

Two weeks later, in the woods, we come across 6 men in the garb of House Arryn. They report their on an observation mission from Lord Arryn, but we immediately see right through this story. These men are on no mission. After some prodding, they admit that they are deserters,  Without armor or heavy weaponry, we exchange whispers, and persuade the men to head north for the wall, notifying them that we will be notifying House Arryn of their whereabouts and crimes. They turn out their pockets and agree to join the Night's Watch.


Dolins serves a vital role! … balancing Teddy and Calailas self-serving tendencies, haha.

Pony rich, gold dragon poor.
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