Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

We gather in the tent at the encampment to strategize for the impending infiltration into Snakewood, and hopefully battle. It is agreed that I, as a human, will stay in the command tent with the maester, but spend most of my time warging as August, who will first serve as a lookout for the climbing crew (Darron, Dolins, Teddy, Denys, Maelys and Ella). While discussing the results of our initial spy mission, I share the numbers of soldiers I found in the main and auxiliary barracks, and the sigil I saw. The maester insists this is not a sigil of a recognized house, and must indicate the presence of sell swords. The crew seems quiet, pensive, and I can feel my nervous chatter spilling out of me. There has never been a more important time to provie myself to House Jasper, and our lives depend on it. We agree on some basic communication signals (1 bark for yes, two barks for no), and perhaps most critically, discuss that a howl mean there’s danger nearby.
When midnight strikes, we reach the southernmost wall and I begin patrolling the stretch of wall as they climb. The moment all arrive at the top, I warg back into my human form to notify the encampment of their success, then immediately return to August to prepare for the attack.


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