Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper


I walk through the market buying a whole bunch of practical things, but then I stumble upon a woman with a dog and her pups. I've never been much of a dog person, and Gulliver wearily looked out of my pocket, probably wondering what had gotten into me, but I decided I had to have one. Though I left with two. I purchased a few more things and headed back to the inn. We all met in Dolins' room where he was much recovered thankfully. I first hand my good friend a harp! I figure he could practice and spice up his music with this. Then I hand him a bag that is rustling a bit… It's the brother to my puppy! He seems thrilled and hopefully he is! I told him I'll work on training up the puppies and we can have his learn how to dance along with his music! I name mine Gary and he sits in another pocket apart from Gulliver who still isn't so sure I made the best choice.

Teddy and Calaila fill Dolins in on what he missed while ill. Teddy and Dolins decide to head up to the castle to speak to Perin while Calaila and I debate going to the docks. She let us all know that rumors are swirling that people are being asked to provide more information on the Duke but no one knows who he is. If anyone does have information, they are supposed to bring it to Jamie at our inn. As the day wears on, Calaila and I decide to head to the docks in the morning, but as morning comes, I remember I had told Teddy I would attend the trial with him. So Dolins and I trade places and Teddy and I head out after breakfast! 


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