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House Jasper

Quieter than a Mouse

I remained in the field with hopes of setting eyes of Lord Theodore and his escorts, but was met instead by a large knight of House Goldengrove. He questioned me, and warned me of some ruthless bandits out and about. I had to stifle a giggle when I realized, the bandits he’s speaking of are us!
After he carried on, continuing the search for the “bandits”, Ser Darron and Seamus eventually circled back and we realized that Teddy, Gregoriy and Ser Dolins weren’t coming. We made camp and I returned to the castle as the field mouse, hoping to hear even a snippet of information about where the rest of House Jasper may be.
Fortunately, I hear a lot more than a snippet! I stumble upon a conversation the large man is having about mysterious travellers from this morning’s market down in the cells and scurry back down the the basement. Sure enough, I find our companions behind heavy wooden doors. After a painstaking game of charades with Lord Theodore, I move onto the next cell, and find a more even keeled Dolins. He doesn’’t know where the keys are but promises he’ll stay quiet until we can bring help. Stay quiet!! That’s IT!! I shake my head with all my might, and then bang my little mouse hands against the wooden wall and point emphatically at Dolins. I see a spark light up in his eyes- “you want me to make a bunch of noise?” I nod and smile and scurry back to the hallway while Dolins makes a ruckus in his cell. Sure enough, a minute or so later, the fat knight comes bumbling down the basement stairs and yells at the jailer, a few doors down. They check on the prisoners, but I’m watching closely for their return movements. The jailer haphazardly throws the cell keys on a table, and I wait for him to fall asleep.

When his snoring reaches new depths, I grab a key and drag it off the table. It falls to the ground with a clatter and I hold my breath-the jailer stirs, but begins snoring again only a few moments later. Phew! I’m able to bring the key all the way to Dolins, who brilliantly reaches through the slat in the door and unlocks his cell, before quickly unlocking the others.

Together at last I gather them closely, and pantomime swinging a sword in the most dramatic fashion I can. Teddy, with his eye on the prize, knows exactly what I’m referring to. “You know where the sword is?!” I nod enthusiastically. “Is it heavily guarded?!” My eyes widen, thinking of the heavy, masterfully crafted steel door, and nod again more slowly. His eyes narrow as a smile creeps across his face. “Well, are we ready to get what we came here for?” As we creep away from the cells, me leading the way towards to other side of the basement, Gregoriy trips, sending sounds bouncing across the stone walls.

HEY!!!!!!”-the jailers voice rings out…


Mouse-charades was highly entertaining!

Quieter than a Mouse

This is such a good recap! Mouse Charades was excellent!

Quieter than a Mouse
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