Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper


Mistress of Whispers...or chopped liver?

The scouting group returns to the Rambis with a battered Thomas and horrifying winged lizard in tow. "NO. No, no, no. Absolutely not. No," I yell to the gang plank. Darron, still tossing bits of food to the creature is shockingly dumbfounded at my suggestion that he not bring this monster on board. Even when it comes out that it was this species which inflicted the devastating wounds on Thomas, Darron digs his heels in, suggesting it could perhaps be a valuable dragon (despite there not being any burns in sight, nor even an ounce of fire breathing). I take in a deep breath, in an attempt to quell my rage, and barely hold in calling  Ser Darron a royal imbecile. Tito speaks up at last, confirming the creature is a wivern, a Essosi pest, and would be a danger with no value. It is only then that the crew sees with any sense. Do they listen to Lord Ronnel's trusted advisor? No, of course not. They trust a sell sword who barely speaks the common tongue. I see the type of respect I can expect here.

When House Jasper is safely back on board, it becomes clear that poor sweet Thomas is quite ill from his wivern wounds. With Tito still recovering, and our captain Jardon below deck suffering from ugly food poisoning, we agree that for now it would be best to remain anchored and heal.

While Darron is healing Thomas' wounds, and I am tending to the sweet boy's comfort, I connect with Darron about the events of the day before, and our dispute over the wivern. He admits he seeks gold and glory, and hoped the wivern was his key. The poor knight was so desperate he put his logic aside to dream of getting closer to his ambitions. I commiserate about the roadblocks of the path to wealth, and he assures me he bears no hard feelings towards me following our disagreement. I admire his goals, but wonder what (or who?) else he would put aside to get to them. We part on good terms, and look to a shiny horizon together.

After a few more days at sea, we come across a magnificent road, seeming to stop right at the sea. It is unlike anything we've seen on our journey, and clear to the crew that we're closer to our destination. It is agreed upon that Thomas, following his demonstration of what a liability he can be, shall stay aboard the Rambis, and signal to us should trouble arise. I make an effort to keep Teddy on board as well, but no one seems to be having it. Darron thinks the Lordling should be present in case we need him to negotiate with the Valyrians. I consider that the Valyrians are probably all dead, and Teddy is a terrible negotiator, but decide not to push my luck with the knight, as I may wear out his patience with my disagreements.

I do, however, speak up and suggest we devise a strategy for our mission, but that, too, falls on deaf ears. How have I led these men astray to deserve such distrust and disregard?! Before hitting land, we take stock of our food and see that we've gone through 33 of the 120 days of goods we have in our stores. We sharpen our blades, pack a few weeks worth of supplies, and set out on the road, Jardon and Dolins leading the way, Teddy and I following close behind, and Tito, Denys and Darron heading up the rear. 


They keep getting better and better!

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