Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

Rescue Mission:Part 1

Once we’ve set out to sea, as night falls, we approach an island with fire burning. As House Jasper debates what to do, I quickly offer to warg into the nearby raven and scope out the island before the House approaches. My offer is accepted graciously and I take wing towards the island.
Sure enough, it isn’t long before I see men in soft leather, and hear murmurings of the “iron price”. I’m confident the island has been temporarily inhabited by the Iron Born, and see a structure boarded up near the fires. After listening for some time, I hear what seems to be a delivery of food to a young boy. My heart leaps-it sounds like Thomas!! I squeeze through the board but see only darkness, and squawk into the room. “Hey, how did you get it here?” the young boy responds. Now I know it is Thomas, and I am overjoyed we’ve found my dear, brave friend. I nuzzle up to him, hoping to communicate to him that it’s me, Summer, and he is not alone.
After leaving the structure, I warg back into Summer, and tell everyone what I’ve seen. We make plans to land on the island, and rescue Thomas. I’ll be heading ashore in August, and can’t wait to see the look on Thomas’ face when he sees his furry friend.


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