Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

Rescue Mission:Part 3

Ser Darron swiftly steps in and assist me with getting up the steep cliff to where the action is. And the action is not far behind. We find Thomas and Darron manages to disguise himself with the clothes of a dead Ironborn. Hearing commotion, we travel through the forest until a ramshackle building erupts with Ironborn soldiers. Fearing for Thomas, and fueled by the rage of his kidnapping, I charge at one of the men repeatedly, and after taking a sword to the leg sink my teeth into the man’s jugular, blood spurting everywhere, and the man crumples to the ground. I turn, hearing Thomas, and sprint past him, hoping to get his attention-he follows suit, but when I head towards the cliff and leap into the water, I don’t hear a splash behind me.

Nervously I pace back and forth on the beach, the silence deafening. When Thomas never comes, I slink back towards the rocks under the bridge, and sneak through to find a few of my comrades surrounded by Ironborn. All I can do is leap towards the nearest leather clad man and hope my jowels successfully find themselves around the right artery…


daniel_burns_jr azamelis