Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

Alas, my surprise attack provides little support to my friends in battle, and the man I bite whips around and slices my hind quarter.deeply. No sooner after letting out an involuntary yelp do I see the valiant Gregoriy take the man down. I owe this brave priest my life!!

Fueled by his brilliance in battle, I whip around to see another Iron Born crawling towards his sword, and charge. My canines sink into the man’s face and I shake…hard. A quick snap, and the man is surely dead.

My courage doesn’t last much longer. I hear a thundering roar of “WHAT IS DEAD MAY NEVER DIE!!” behind me, and a crushing blow lands on my back. I’m blinded by the pain, and think perhaps I am dying when I see a flash of hot light. Gregoriy isn’t the only brave warrior tonight-our fearless leader, Lord Theodore saves us ALL by hurling his lantern at the Iron Born. He goes up in flames, and I take my opportunity to escape before I bleed out on the beach.

I am met with more disappointment. Teddy and I quickly spot that our boat has been taken by Ezzelina’s captors who are heading toward the Rambis. I return to myself aboard, and scream that the Ironborn are coming. After a moment, I see two very scared looking little girls peering back at me. Seven hells…it is up to us to protect this ship. They assure me they can shoot a bow and arrow, and I rise with a cloak of confidence, trying to hide my shaking hands.

We rush to the deck and prepare to fight.


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