Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

Return to Gulltown

Ser Denys, Dolins, Teddy and I take one of House Jasper's warships to Gulltown after a nasty run in with House Lynderly. When we land in Gulltown, we head to Winter's Reprieve and meet up with our old friend Jaime. 

Jaime, the wheeling and dealing bartender tries to pry some gold out of us in exchange for information about where we might find the Coldwater dagger. With a bit of convincing, I manage to get him to point us in the direction of Devon, a carpenter with a shop on the west side of the city. Jaime assures us that Devon had the dagger months ago after the fighting, but hasn't seen it on him in some time. Jaime also shared that Devon likely to run if confronted about his former looting. We spend the night at the Winter's Reprieve, and devise a plan for our visit to Devon's shop in the morning, eliminating any possibility of the runner's escape.

With Ser Denys and and Dolins perched at the shop's door, Teddy and I pose as husband and wife looking for a fine piece of furniture for our ship's holding, and try to trick Devon into showing off the dagger should he still have it on him. Devon quickly grows suspicious of us, and when we finally ask him directly about the item, he sprints away from us…and right into Dolins' net!

After a thorough search and finding nothing but some sawdust and pennies, we interrogate Devon about where the dagger has gone. Terrified, he stammers that it was stolen off of him months ago by the thieves on the north side of the city. These ruffians distill their own liquor out of a decrepit building, and Devon estimates there are between 6 to 12 of them, likely armed with daggers and other weapons.

In the evening, we find the thieves' distillery, and, not knowing what waits for us inside the distillery, we prepare for both a battle of wits and strength.


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