Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

Return to the Rambis

We return to Castle Snownook only for a brief time, with a quick turnaround before needing to head back out to sea. While in the stables, I’m visited by my father Edric, who communicates concerns of my “unladylike” adventuring on behalf of my mother. I stiffen at the implication that my exploring beyond Felliston should cease, and defend my departure by expressing my belief that House Jasper finds my services useful. In an unexpected moment of softness, Father affirms this, and compliments my animal handling. He tries to warn me of some of the less talented members of the house (namely the Lordling and Ser Carsen, who he describes as a dolt and money grubber, respectively), but says he thinks I can handle myself. Father has never been this generous of spirit with me before, and I’m taken aback by his kind words. Before leaving, he pats my back with a small sniff and turns to walk away. I run to him and wrap him in a big hug, which he returns, and relish this rare moment for a long while.

On the seas, I spend most of my time below deck tending to the horses, always with August by my side. I take great pleasure in my time on the Rambis, and when no one is around, I pretend I’m a pirate on my way to pillage a faraway city! My imagination quickly turns to reality however, when we hear the distressed call from Ser Darron from the top deck, and a ship-shaking THUD that tells me we’ve been hit. I position my body in a hidden corner in a horse stall and warg into August and sprint towards the others. When I reach the deck, the spray of the rough water and smell of blood hit my nose, and I set my sight on a strange looking man…


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