Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

Reunited and it feels so good!

Following an arduous journey atop my rounsey, Dolins, Teddy and I are overjoyed and overwhelmed with gratitude to see, at long last, the tower of Old Town. The city seems to glow from within, and we happily make our way towards the citadel, and open a massive door to make our way into the grand foyer. A small thin man lacks for a welcome party, but after what feels like hours, Maester Thaddeus emerges, wearing a far more impressive chain. He surprises me with a gift of greycap, which I add to my stash.

Thad leads us to the Quill and Tankard, a bustling tavern, and following Teddy and my plan of half heartedly attempting to gather intel about the whereabouts of Terry, I listen in to exceedingly dull conversations of maesters. Neither of us are committed to the plans of the Pryors, but we must convince sweet Dolins of our sense of obligation. Even still, this feeble effort is far better than Theodore’s ludicrous plan of presenting a dead homeless woman as Terry to the Pryors. I feel confident that the Pryors will have a hard time holding a grudge against the efforts of the house having travelled across the seven kingdoms to find their son’s killer, even if we return empty handed.

The murmurs of the tavern don’t turn up any leads about Terry, so without any protest, we agree to head towards Lannisport.


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