Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

Revenge is a dish best served.... armed

Torn between trying to follow the shadowy figure running off from Calaila’s tent and the need to find out exactly what is going on. I burst in to her tent and immediately can tell she is hurt. My skill in healing is about as good as a one armed Septa would be at juggling, so I call for Maester Thad. I was about to call for any guard or soldier around to help secure the area In hopes of catching the attacker before they could slip out of the camp. Strangely Calaila, pleaded with me not to alert them. How very strange!?!? I certainly don’t agree with her, but abide by her wishes. Thaddeus came into the tent and began to administer aide. The Maester, Teddy, and agreed to search for the attacker but not to alert the guards. The newly knighted Ser Carsen agreed to help but only for a price. Apparently noble titles do not mean noble hearts. I pay him some of my earnings from my performances. The darkness had masked any sign of the attacker or which way they might have gone. Returning empty handed and discouraged, I learned that Calaila’s attacker is a Septa! Have the gods not tortured me enough?!?! First my wife and child, now my friends? If I can find this Septa, I will have some revenge. Teddy and Ser Darron went to talk to the Corbrays about the fact that this attacker was from their house. Without their noticing I snuck along behind them and hid in the shadows waiting for my chance to attack. Unfortunately, that opportunity never came as the Corbrays discovered the one armed Septa had packed her things and left. The gods have eluded me all these years and they appear to continue to do so… for now. When I find her, maybe then I can get some answers, or at least some vengeance.


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